Hard as Bridal Nails

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When you get engaged your hands become the main attraction. Everyone and their mother are grabbing for your left hand to have a good gawp at your newly acquired bling. All of this extra attention warrants you to be more hands on with your manicure game. You want to do your diamond proud with some serious talons, don't you?

After a harsh winter, it's only natural for our nails to feel dry and neglected. Remedy this with some T.L.C. and kale. Before we get back to the kale, it's vital to strengthen your nails if you want results. A strong core is the most effective base to work with, it's the same as conditioning your body with pilates, and feeding it with greeny goodness. The invasion of the kale crusaders was the best thing to happen in 2014, esspecially for the beauty industry. Everyone sprouting about kale's incredible health benefits, seems to have garnered the attention of our favoutire beauty brands as they began to incorporate the mahic ingredient into their products. Nails Inc caught on to the revolution with their NailKale range, promising to nourish your nails back to health with its application. This is a must for your beauty regime, just imagine chomping on kale chips and painiting your nails from the comfort of your couch.

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Once your nails are the most enviable talons in the land, then it's time to consider your manicure. As with the majority of wedding features, summer is an amazing time to veer away from safe palettes. Essie is our go-to brand for a classic red, as they understand the importance of perfecting the right red to compliment your skin tone, from the palest alabaster to exquisite ebony tones. Our favourite Essie reds include Fifth avenue, Forever yummy, Russian roulette,?and the aptly titled Happy wife, happy life.


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But, if you're a traditional gal and don't want your nails to overtake your ring then we recommend Victoria Beckham's Bamboo White from her recent collaboration with Nails Inc. This muted tone, with white undertones offers a more refined take on the traditionally stark white polish as seen on everyone's nail beds in 2012. Like our polish, we've matured over the years.

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And, one final tip for flawless nails? Massage olive oil onto your nail beds and cuticles to bring them back to life. Your nails will be nourished, and your cuticles will soften creating the perfect blank canvas.

Our Wedding Nails Pinterest board is the number one destination for all your manicure needs, so be sure to include it in your wedding planning boards. You'll find lots of beauty trends and ideas in the BASH Annual, available on shelves now, and online, here.

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