George Clooney: From Geek To Chic

Now that George Clooney is a year older (he's just turned 54), we take a look at some of our favourite pics of him. Yeah, you're welcome.

Um, we have no words for this picture... Nope, not one.

Dreamy eyes? Check. Sexy smile? Check. Hairless chest? Sure! George thankfully grows into his face and we couldn't be happier.


Little bit of designer stubble? Don't mind if we do George.

Remember when you only watched ER to drool at Dr Doug Ross? Dayum.

We wouldn't mind being the cheese in a Farrell Clooney sandwich.


I think they're what folk call "come to bed eyes". Are we right or are we right?

Pay attention gents, now that's how you wear a tux.

And a white shirt.

And even half a jacket if you're that way inclined...


We love him clean-shaven and salt-and-peppered.

We love him with a big bushy beard.

We even love him now that he's married and everything. Amal, you're one lucky lady. George, call us if things don't work out. #jokingnotjoking

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