For Frida Kahlo's birthday we remember 10 reasons why she'll always be iconic

We love Frida...

- For this incredible quote: ?I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.?

- For her bisexuality and having an affair with Josephine Baker.


- For marrying painter Diego Rivera, who described her work as ?acid and tender?.

- For the fact that she had such a bad accident when she was 18 that she suffered from tremendous physical pain and had to stay in a full-body cast a lot of the time.

- For putting so much of the physical anguish she experienced into her paintings.

- For neglecting the tweezers.

- For always putting down her birthday as the 7th of July although it was probably the 6th.

- For bringing the colours and nature of the jungle into her work, and bringing Amerindian and Mexican culture and folklore to life with a Surrealist touch.

- For being a friend of Leon Trotsky's while he was in exile.


- For the incredible self-portraits she gave us.

AND because if there was a movie about our life, we'd want to be played by Salma Hayek too.

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