Flyefit: The Supergym

Looking for a hardcore workout at a low-cost price? Flyefit 'supergyms' are popping up all over Dublin and could change the way you excercise. These mammoth gyms, set up inside renovated warehouses, are revolutionising the way we here in Dublin workout, with four new supergyms opened in the past few month in Ranelagh, Baggot St, Grand Canal Dock and Swords.

The 'supergyms', as owner Jackie Skelly calls them, feature top quality fitness equipment, including an indoor blackout cyclying studio, a fitness studio, a free weights training area and Olympic-grade benches and lifting platforms. ?However, these low cost gyms take a no-frills approach in order to guarantee low pricing for members. There are no swimming pools or saunas, but what they lack in frills they make up for in functionality. The gyms are open twenty four hours a day, allowing self-service to members for easy access day or night, so whether it's insomnia keeping you up at night or a busy work schedule keeping you from the average gym hours, they may well be the perfect solution for you.

Flyeift offer over forty free fitness classes included with your membership, and while the first month's subscription is mandatory at €29 (or a day pass at €9), there is no contract required and members can cancel at anytime. Although with a deal like this, we can't understand why you'd want to!


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