Expert View On...Wedding Stationary

Take the stress out of wedding stationary decisions by leaving it all in the hands of two hugely talented professionals:

1. Appleberry Press

WE ARE a small creative team of graphic designers and illustrators who have combined our love of weddings and passion for great design to create Appleberry?Press. Weddings today are all about showing off your personal style and it all begins with the design of the stationary.

Elegant wedding invitation

WE LOVE STATIONERY because it's an opportunity to help couples put their own personal stamp on their invitations. We offer a predesigned range that can be completely customised and also a bespoke range. We have a combined skill set of fine art, illustration, design, letterpress and digital print.



WE WILL SUPPLY anywhere in the world, we've worked with clients in Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia and New York.

LET'S TALK [email protected]; 01 286 5767



I AM Kerry Harvey, an award-winning Irish Designer with a real panache for creating truly gorgeous and non traditional?wedding stationary designs. I'll incorporate your personal touch to give your guest a real wow factor first taste of your celebration.



I LOVE STATIONARY because it has combined my design skills with my love of the unique, personal and romantic. From the invitations to the finishing touches, I love moulding my designs around the personalities?and plans of the couple, to create something truly unique and utterly memorable.


I'LL SUPPLY all over the world, with a client base that spans from Abu Dhabi and Australia to the U.S. and Canada.

LET'S TALK [email protected]; 087 415 5287

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