Every parent will relate to this Twitter thread on the impossible questions children ask before bed

A new Twitter thread has exposed the inquiring minds of young children and it is the best thing we have seen on the internet in months 

Children are the world's most inquisitive beings.

They ask questions about everything and don't hold back when it comes to improving their general knowledge.

One mother has documented this journey in a series of tweets and it is one of the most joyous pieces of content we have consumed in recent times.


Kate Bowler, a professor, best-selling author and podcast host, began to document the sometimes bizarre questions her six-year-old son asks when being put to bed.


For the entire month of April, Kate wrote these down and shared the golden nuggets on Twitter for all of us to enjoy.

They range from the sweet and the philosophical to the funny and downright strange.

Here are some of our favourites.


Pumpkin seeds


Are raccoons awake?



One-eyed people?


Funny cheese



The last megalodan

A ghost pirate



I picked you mom



The sun is lava

Don't forget to say goodnight to all the crystals



Can we make a wolf?


Can I drive?


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