Enda Kenny: "No more, a love divided"

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has taken to Twitter this morning to speak out in support of marriage equality, urging the people of Ireland to vote Yes when the referendum rolls around next month, May 22nd to be exact.

This morning, An Taoiseach is with various tech leaders discussing the benefits that voting yes for marriage equality in the upcoming referendum could have on businesses. The breakfast event is hosted by the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network.

His tweet was perfectly worded and rather poetic too. Nice work, Mr Kenny.


In other news on the referendum, this star studded video from Belong To is currently doing the rounds, encouraging the youth of Ireland to get talking to their parents, grandparents and friends about the upcoming vote. You'll notice familiar Irish faces such as Love/Hate's Aaron Heffernan and Brian Gleeson in the mix.


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