Emily Blunt Is Pregnant

We were only talking about this?Hollywood couple who give new life to the term #relationshipgoals earlier, and now they have given us yet another reason to be (enviably) happy for them.

People reports that The?Office star John Krasinski and his stunning wife, actress Emily Blunt are expecting their second child. And so three becomes four.

The actors, who tied the knot in July 2010, are already parents to 23-month-old daughter Hazel (the pair love "old lady names", apparently).?Krasinski has been very open about the couple's eagerness to expand their family - if only to encourage some old fashioned sibling rivalry in his young daughter.?"We've got to give her some competition at some point,? he joked. It may not sound?that romantic, but we'll forgive the guy who is unashamedly in love with his plus one and unafraid to let the world know it.

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He admitted that he initially experienced?an ?existential crisis? following the birth of?his first child.

?I went through some really serious stuff,? he explained. ?There is a mirror that is held up to me now. You have someone watching you. You have to lead by example.? Blunt added that it took her some time to adjust to motherhood - "it's quite an indescribable feeling" - but there'll be no baby books on her self, this time or ever.


?There used to be one book that everyone read, now there's How to Raise a Gluten-free Baby, How to Raise a Scientific Baby - it's insanity! So I haven't read anything, I'm just letting her do her own thing,? she added.

Considering how cute their first baby was/still is, the new addition to their brood will likely make them that little bit more perfect, but you know what? ?We're genuinely delighted for them.

Via People

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