Ellie Goulding Is Pop Music's Best Matchmaker

Ellie Goulding isn't just responsible for the catchiest love song of the year, (if you dispute Love Me Like You Do, you are entitled to your opinion but wrong), but she's also the power matchmaker behind the pop royalty union that is Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. The couple is simply the cutest on the tabloid block of late, enjoying supportive PDAs at music awards shows and daytime dates in New York City. Calvin has even shared a photo of Taylor's cat Olivia Benson on Instagram.

Yep, Ellie Goulding make be the unwitting Svengali behind the best pop song yet to be written. We all know that when Calvin and Taylor finally announce they will be collaborating, the Billboard and Grammy judging committees will just call a unanimous across the board Give-Them-Everything.

How did Ellie make this match made in natural blonde heaven happen? With her gentle power of suggestion. The singer told The Sun that she was the link betwixt the two artists and encouraged them to go on a date. "I did play matchmaker, that's true," she admitted to the paper. Calvin and Ellie collaborated on the hit single Outside and have been pals ever since - because nothing creates a lasting bond like a hit single. Ellie is also good friends with Taylor, forming part of her famous gang of pals and appearing in her star-studded Bad Blood music video.

Ellie saw that these two music makers would be a great pairing, saying ?"Calvin is a really great mate and he's so fantastic, and Taylor is such a cool person who I love?? "I thought, 'They're both really awesome and both really tall. They'll be brilliant together.'" What a great thought process. Ellie Goulding should launch an app that matches really talented really tall people.

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