Dear Dad: 'Thank you for always setting an example of learning to enjoy the journey'

In honour of Father's Day this week, we're celebrating the main men in our lives here at IMAGE HQ. Every day this week, we'll be sharing a letter penned to our fathers; sharing memories, love and just thanking them for being them. This is a Letter to My Dad.

Dear Dad,

It’s almost 10 years to the day since you forgot to collect me from the airport after I arrived home from my stint of travelling. I remember texting you in Johannesburg airport to tell you what time I landed at … and then ringing you when I landed and you weren’t there to pick me up; you managed to get the times wrong.

While I regularly like to tease you about your parenting mishaps, they’re always outshone by the love and support you show me on a daily basis. You didn’t even bat an eyelid when I told you I was going around the world on my own for six months, six days after my 18th birthday. You came with me to book my ticket and brought me for a lunch to celebrate. By the way, I still don’t think that the travel agent was flirting with me.

I’m lucky to have such supportive and encouraging parents as you and Mum. You have always encouraged me in whatever path I chose in life, cheering me on or bringing me to the airport. I no doubt inherited my love for adventure and exploring from you. Your love for doing things on a whim is contagious; your random Saturday morning phone calls to say you’re on your way to whatever county I was living in and would I be up for a coffee in a few hours are still treasured memories. You didn’t mind if we only got to see each other for 20 minutes or an afternoon; you just enjoyed the journey. Thank you for always setting an example of learning to enjoy the journey.

You’ve carried me through some tough times too. It’s never easy being the bearer of bad news, and you’ve had to call with your fair share of that over the years. But even when I was hundreds of miles away, you always said the right things in those darker times – my comfort was your main priority.


We’ve even ventured down the working together path; I think you had decided I’d be away from Dublin for too long so roping me in to help a father out was one way to get me back. And we made it out alive – copious amounts of wine later, much to Mum’s concern and probably an unnecessary amount of tears from my side. It’s safe to say I didn’t inherit your voice of reason; my dramatic and over-emotional side definitely comes from Mum.

It’s safe to say we’ve made some pretty special memories together. Be it trips to the cinema to see a film of my choice – your perfect opportunity for a nap – trips to Croke Park for Bruce Springsteen or to cheer on The Rebels, or an afternoon in Walsh’s rooting for Munster – one day I’ll remember to bring cash – and eventually making it to Thomond Park. I’ll get you to stay for the full match one day, no matter how badly we’re losing.

Thank you for always wanting the best for me, and for being there when it doesn’t all go to plan. I look forward to many more sport filled afternoons, endless life discussions and of course, the odd glass of wine.

Love you, Dad.
Happy Father’s Day,


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