Beyonc? Starts Fund For Children Of Flint Affected By Water Crisis

Musical talent aside, Beyonc? is a celebrity ready to tackle the important issues.

After Formation and the Super Bowl, you'd think Beyonc? would take a duvet day. However, this is Beyonc? we're talking about. Not one to do nothing, the'singer has announced that she will be starting a fund for the children of Flint who have been suffering as a result of the water pollution crisis ravaging the Michigan city in recent months. Fans will be asked to donate to the fund during Beyonc?'s upcoming world tour.

The fund is part of Beyonc?'s #BeyGood initiative with United Way, CNN reports, and will support the Flint Child Health and Development Fund. That fund is providing children in the area with much-needed nutrition and addressing their developmental and health needs. In general, United Way, according to Live Nation, is 'distributing thousands of filtration pitchers, faucet mount filters, replacement cartridges and truckloads of water to underserved populations to address immediate needs in Flint Michigan.?

The Flint water crisis has been ongoing for months now. Problems began in 2014 after Flint stopped using the Detroit river as a water source, to save money. The city authorities began to draw water from the Flint river. After complaints about the water's taste and appearance, it emerged children's bloods were testing for suspiciously high levels of lead, a very dangerous thing to happen in humans. The system still hasn't been fixed so people are relying on bottled water and filters, particularly donated water. Lawsuits are on the horizon, as well as allegations that this has been going on for longer that the people in charge will admit.


Other famous names who have been trying to help the people of Flint with monetary and bottled water donations include Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, Wiz Khalifa and Mark Wahlberg.


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