Benedict Cumberbatch Reading Love Letters

This may be the one video today guaranteed to make you swoon: Mr Benedict Cumberbatch reading love letters from a devoted couple during the Second World War.

The Oscar nominated and recently wed thespian is taking part in the gorgeous sounding Letters Live event, starting in the UK this week. Letters Live is a series of curated events that celebrates "the enduring power of literacy correspondence." Benedict will be joined onstage by his Sherlock co-star Louise Brealey, that's Molly to hardcore fans of the detective drama, to re-enact the love affair between Bessie Moore and Chris Barker. During the war, Barker served as a signalman in North Africa and found himself penning letters to pass the time. He reached out to a former colleague, Bessie Moore. Her warm reply surprised him and thus a beautiful love story began.

Put on those headphones and enjoy, this is a sweet as heck one. Or if you find yourself in London town, check out the event in real-life.

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