Benedict Cumberbatch is Taking Over

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Benedict Cumberbatch is everywhere this week.

Following on from his Oscar nomination, he topped a Most Dateable Male Celebrity poll, carried out by, beating off competition from the likes of Mark Wright and David Beckham to take the top spot with 18% of the vote. We can't argue with that.

Yesterday, it was revealed that LA-based fashion brand Poprageous have just released a pair of "Cumberbitch leggings". No, really. Leggings made up entirely of pictures of the Sherlock actor. That, we're not so sure of... especially at $80 a pop.

benedict cumberbatch


On Tuesday, he appeared in a hilarious sketch on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Kimmel claimes that Benedict's parents deserve an Oscar for naming him as they did, but he's not so sure that old Benny would carry the same gravitas with any other name. He decided to put the theory to the test by getting the Imitation Of Life star to try out a few alternatives. The results are gas!

That's that settled then, even if his name was Jeff Jeff, we'd still love him to bits.

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