Behind The Scenes: Wedding Pinners

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Have you seen our Wedding Pinners story, in Volume Two? Well, this bunch of brides-to-be had themselves a little makeover for our shoot, courtesy of our pals over at Brown Sugar? and here's how it happened.

James Coleman, Style Director

On Charlotte McDonald?

?A relaxed, French-inspired feel was what I wanted to achieve with Charlotte's look - as seen on the runway for Creatures of the Wind and on model Karlie Kloss. Her hair is naturally straight, so I added lots of texture and body with L?Or?al Techni-Art's Volume Lift Mousse, setting the look with Kerastase Spray - Porter, which gives beachy, flexible hold.?

On Wendy Crawford?


?Wendy often wears her hair up, so it felt natural to go in a direction she's comfortable with, though I wanted to add a little something special, so took inspiration from the twisted top knots used on Kate Spade's spring 2014 show. With Wendy's rich hair colour and solid fringe, the effect is of effortless drama - I used Kerastase Elixer Serum to make sure the silhouette was super smooth, then finished with Tecni-Art Air Fix hairspray, by L?Or?al Professional.?


Dearbhla Keenan, Senior Makeup Artist

On Jennifer McManus?

?For Jennifer, I really channeled the drama of Dolce & Gabbana's Autumn 2013 runway look. That dark lip and sexy lined eye is really suited to her style & the rich textures and tones she plans to incorporate into her wedding palette. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba do this look really well, too. My star products are Kohl's Pro Lipstick, in Currant, as well as their Indelible Gel Liner, in Blackout.?

On Julie Matkin?

?Julie's look was all about glowing skin and floral freshness, which was done beautifully by the runway team for Pronovias? 2014 bridal collection and is a look championed by the likes of Scarlett Johansson. Julie's personal style is all about natural light and the essence of the outside, so I focused on bringing that light onto her face using Kohl's new Skin Transforming Foundation, in Vanilla Cr'me, with the satin Glow Bronzer, for a touch of warmth.?


Kate O'Dowd @kateodowd

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