Bank Holiday Health Tips

The bank holiday is fast approaching and lots of us are heading off for the weekend.? I love travelling and do it as much as I can.? I know it can be difficult to stay healthy while on the go.? I used to find that I would feel great setting off on holiday but would arrive feeling awful after indulging in dreadful airport snacks and airplane food.? So now I take a slightly different approach and find you can absolutely survive travelling without it sabotaging your healthy lifestyle.

Organise Yourself

This might seem like a no brainer but being as organised before your travel will really help when making food choices. I'm not great with this but I'm getting better each trip.? If you're super busy and completely frazzled during the days before you head off, the only option has to be the quickest one and as we know this is usually the most calorific and unhealthy.? Try to get your shopping in and suitcase packed with plenty of time so that you are relaxed and calm heading off on your trip.? Start as you mean to go on!

Prepare your snacks

I always have a good meal before I travel.? Airports aren't great for healthy options so make sure you don't arrive hungry.? Pack snacks with you for the trip.? Bring fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit, rice cakes, dark chocolate and some form of low sugar protein bar.? If I am on a longer flight I bring my lunch/dinner which is usually quinoa/ brown rice salad with veggies.? It's way healthier and tastier than the sticky gunk they serve and you won't feel like a dustbin afterwards.


Drink, drink, drink

And no I don't mean the fun kind!? Water is your BFF when you're travelling, especially when flying.? It keeps you hydrated, feeling energetic, and prevents those fake hunger pangs. If you plan to have a few drinks while travelling - I wouldn't recommend it but totally understand that a glass of bubbles is a fabulous way to start a holiday -? just remember alcohol dehydrates so go easy!

Bring your gear

If you work out at home why not work out while away?? You have more time, are more relaxed and walking / running / cycling are great ways to discover a city.? Seek out gyms close to your accommodation or local classes to try out - it can be great fun seeing how the locals do it.

Suss out healthy foods at your destination

Before you travel have a look online for healthy cafes, restaurants, food stores and juice bars.? You might discover cool new clean treat or pick up some of the stuff you love from home.



Getting adequate rest is incredibly important on so many levels as we all know.? We make better food choices when we have had a good night sleep.? When we wake up rested we have enough energy to work out.? Lack of sleep plays havoc with your hormones and increases sugar cravings.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend Girls!

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