Baby Sussex: The final royal baby name predictions are here

Who doesn't love a good royal event? Millions tuned in for the wedding of Meghan and Harry and less recently, Kate and William. Most of us were glued to the television for the arrival of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's brood of three. Now, despite the more private nature of the arrival of Baby Sussex, royal baby watch has reached fever-pitch.

The newest royal baby will be seventh in the line to the British throne and the eighth great-grandchild for Queen Elizabeth. This means that Meghan and Harry's first child is unlikely to ever be King or Queen which gives them the benefit of a little more freedom when it comes to choosing a moniker.

Although the gender of the baby hasn't been released, UK bookmaker's aggregator Oddschecker points out that traditionally female names are now holding eight out of the 10 top spots.

So far, traditionalists have pointed out that names like Victoria, Grace, Alexandra or Elizabeth could be among those chosen if the baby is a girl. Alice is also being mooted as a possible contender. Queen Victoria's daughter Alice was, like Meghan, a big supporter of women's causes.

Keeping it in the family


It is unlikely that Meghan will take too radical a step towards her own American roots

Royal correspondents have listed Arthur, Charles, Albert and James as some of the names the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could opt to name their little bundle if it is a boy. Charles would be a sweet touch, especially as Harry's father, Charles, Prince of Wales seems to have formed a close bond with his daughter-in-law after he walked her down the aisle in the absence of her own dad.

Sentimentalists would like to see the baby named after Prince William and Harry's late mother, Diana - with the name top of the lists at 12/1. Not only is it a lovely nod to the former Princess of Wales, but it would also mean that Meghan and Harry's little one would share a name with cousin, Princess Charlotte (her middle names are Elizabeth and Diana).

Although there is less pressure to pick a formal 'royal' name, it is unlikely that Meghan will take too radical a step towards her own American roots. Grace is 10th on the list at 25/1 which might nicely reflect a move towards more contemporary popular names. According to The Independent, it was ranked the 13th most popular girls’ name in 2017 for England and Wales and 21st in the US.

Royal historian Carolyn Harris says she predicts that Meghan and Harry will choose a name “between a traditional royal name and trendy name that is traditional but does not frequently appear within the Royal Family.” Her prediction is Eleanor for a girl as it was the name of a series of 12th and 13th century Queens of England.  It would also be a tribute to the baby's American ancestry as Eleanor was the American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (a patron of civil rights and women's rights).

Not forgetting the boys, Albert is 12/1 with Ladbrooks suggesting Baby Sussex could be named after Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert. The name also holds a special connection to Frogmore where Meghan and Harry have just moved.

Bookmaker William Hill's list currently looks like this:


Diana 4/1

Victoria 7/1

Alice 12/1

Grace 12/1

Isabella/Isobella 12/1

Elizabeth 14/1

Arthur 16/1


James 16/1

Alexandra 20/1

Harriett 20/1

Rose 20/1

April 25/1

Catherine 25/1

Edward 25/1


Eleanor 25/1

Mary 25/1

Albert 33/1

Alexander  33/1

But for now, all we can do it wait.

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