5 Must Sees at Offset

Our favourite creative conference Offset kicks off today and Bord Gais Theatre will be playing host to a fantastic selection of the most impressive Irish and international artists, photographers, graphic designers and generally creative clever clogs. Now running for its seventh year, the line-up is perfection as ever with 23 impressive artists and designers who will no doubt leave us with a renewed faith in picking up that paintbrush, that camera or those colouring pencils, and maybe actually attending that Photoshop class you've been meaning to take these last three years. With artistry on the mind, here are our top five choices on who absolutely not to miss:

1. Aisha Zeijveld

Zeijveld is an immensely talented surrealist photographer based in Amsterdam. Throughout all her work, she delivers much more than a simple photograph by focusing on the humanity of her subject while mixing this up with clever editing and brilliant backdrops.

From commercial fashion commissions to her own personal and more ?out there? work, Zeijveld always allows the whimsical and the absurd to flow through her reels of digitized film.



2. Neils Shoe Meulman

With Neils Shoe Meulman, graffiti meets calligraphy in what is aptly and intelligently named as ?calligraffiti?. Focusing on calligraphy's ancient historical writing style and graffiti's art of publically-displayed and usually-illegal writing, Meulman has skilfully combined the two by creating traditional handwriting with an urban twist. Abstract Expressionism or Abstract Vandalism? You decide.


3. Sue Murphy


Sue Murphy is a graphic designer that reps for our Irish isle (even though she's currently based in San Francisco). She's the mastermind behind IBM's Women in Technology campaign, has worked with Apple and was the inventor of the SOAR flight points app. As well as this, she was also involved in a 'music project with IBM and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, how awesome is that!


4. Snask

This creative agency group is super cool. Not wanting to rely solely on graphic design commissions for everything from magazines to spaces, they also make films for clients and tour the world lecturing about creative entrepreneurship. ?Did we mention they even have their own beer, bike and record label? Snask are unstoppable.


5. Tomi Ungerer


Tomi Ungerer is a character of many talents: award winning illustrator, trilingual author, goodwill ambassador for Childhood&Education of the? Council of Europe and Legion d?Honneur holder. His work has ranged from the illustration of many children's stories to advertising campaigns held in New York against the the Vietnam war and racial injustice in the 60s. Not stopping there, Ungerer's career has transported him into the worlds of architecture, sculpture,? invention and humanitarian causes. Inspiration not to be missed!


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