5 childhood books you should revisit as an adult (or thumb through with the kids)

Just because we get older doesn't mean the lessons we learn from children's books are any less important. The stories started out as simplistic tales that enthralled and delighted us as youngsters but with their vivid characters and often beautiful prose, they sought to teach us deeper lessons about life in all its wonder; from first friendships to love, loss and everything in between

And just because you have gained wisdom and grown up since, doesn't mean you can't be charmed and moved by the stories again. Maybe now is the time you'll pass these books to your own children, or maybe you spotted one on a dusty bookshelf and yearned to return to the world that captivated you at a more innocent time. Either way, these five titles are worth picking up again.

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White



Who doesn't remember the story of Wilbur, tiny piglet, and Charlotte, the wise old spider? Charlotte's beautiful webs with words save Wilbur from slaughter and thrust him into the limelight of the county fair. Even all these years later, E.B. White can still break your heart with this lesson on love and loss. And as an adult, you've likely walked through some grief by now, making the beloved barnyard tale that much more poignant.

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