3 Chilled-Out Wedding Flower Styles... Is One Right For You?

After the venue, the flower?theme?you choose for your wedding will be?a?key component in building its aesthetic. What you want are floral setups that complement your personal style and the vibe you want the day to have - but when you're briefing your florist, it really helps to be more specific. Say, for example, you simple tell them?you want the flowers?to be loose, natural and chilled - well, that could be interpreted a number of ways, so it pays to know the buzzwords; and even more helpful is a visual moodboard (check out our Pinterest page & start your own!). Here are three 'modernly chilled-out wedding?floral styles, each rather different - do any of them fit your bill?


field dayThe vibe here is hand-gathered wildflowers, bohemian, fresh and a bit?hippie. Always go for in-season varieties to achieve the most natural effect. Bouquets should be twine-tied, centrepieces should be potted, or?haphazardly distributed among recycled bottles and jars. The floral crown was invented for this style - think small, daisychain-like arrangements that say I love frolicking in long grass.


This style is all about white, light spaces; natural textures and?cool palettes. One or two flower varieties are all you need, allowing their simplicity to be the attraction - you may even prefer to opt for a foliage-based floral effect, ditching the petals altogether. This can be a cost-effective way to strike a very strong theme, though in general, the less is more attitude to flowers can be misleading when it comes to saving a few bucks - if you're allowing just one variety to do the talking, each and every specimen needs to be perfect... and in flowerville, perfection ain't cheap.



avant bride

For the hippest of brides, going avant-garde involves embracing the pinnacle of wedding floral trends. Think big and bold, asymmetrical formations and uneven distributions - think of the flowers as a group of strong personalities, each fighting to be seen and creating something exciting, in the process.


If you love?flowers, as much as we do, and fancy getting your fingers green for your wedding, or your best mate's, then it's imperative that you sign up for our next BridePrep workshop, on September 27, at Cliff Townhouse, where Olivier Besombes (he of dreamy artisan florist Les Fleurs), will talk you through his top flower tips and help you on your way to creating for yourself.


1176276_511703542248414_600493888_n-e1377938796755Olivier, why are flowers so important at a wedding??The fragrance of flowers trigger memories, but they are as important as you want them to be; my mother held just two?roses on her wedding day and?it was just?as beautiful as a big bouquet.


Are you seeing any key floral trends, this year??For me the wilder the better and simplicity is always the key. I'm glad to'see a real emergence?of the country garden look.

What's your biggest piece of advice for a bride, when choosing her flowers??Go with your instinct, remember the season you get married in and have faith in your florist.

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