116 Puppies Rescued at Dublin Port

This sounds like a story involving 101 Dalmatians' Cruella De Vil, prepare to feel all of the feelings. Dog lovers are going to wince at first when they read that 116 tiny puppies were seized over night at Dublin Port, but worry no more, they're all in safe hands now. RTE news have just tweeted this pic of two of the puppies that were among those on their way out of Ireland. The puppies were discovered being smuggled into the back of two vans in the process of boarding a ferry at the port that was headed to the UK. Not one of the puppies were found to be in possession of their animal passport.

The Irish Independent reassure us that the puppies have since been taken in to care by the DSPCA, which collected the furry little fellows along with the help of customs officers and gardai.

The DSPCA say that some 32 of the puppies are suffering with sick tummies upon coming in contact with a bug. As to how the puppies were treated up to this point, we don't know.??The breeds of the puppies include a variety of small breeds and were destined for the UK market ...?This is the first case, involving a large number of companion animals, to be seized under the new Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 which commenced on 6 March 2014," the DSPCA said.


Here's hoping they find the puppies loving new homes very soon.



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