10 Adorably Kitsch Interiors Buys From Penneys For Under ?20

Bold colours, outlandish prints and fun fabrics are all great additions to your home, but sometimes, we find, they demand a greater psychological commitment.

"Am I a parrot throw pillow kinda gal?" I ponder, mulling over the decision for far longer than is actually required.

"What if pineapples are the unicorns of 2017? Do I actually want to make this investment? Does it even need to be an investment?"

The simple, short answer is 'No'! For the fun frivolities in this life, there's no need for massive financial outlay - sometimes we just want to enjoy a parrot throw pillow for a couple of weeks to scratch that kitsch itch. Enter the Penneys homewares section.


Vase, €5 at Penneys

Pillows, €8.00 at Penneys

Pillow, €10 at Penneys


Pillow, €10 at Penneys

Ice cream bowls, €3.50 at Penneys

Elephant mug, €5.00 at Penneys

Lightbox, €15.00 at Penneys


Storage box, €6.00 at Penneys

Pineapple hook, €4.00 at Penneys

Pillow, €8.00 at Penneys

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