Objet Lessons

All you need to know about good design, as ID2015 hits Maison et Objet, Paris?

Well, 2015 is already looking bright, thanks to Irish design! After a busy and exciting few days of Showcase Ireland, 21 Irish designers and makers are en route to Paris for the 20th anniversary of Maison et Objet, kicking off tomorrow.

A global platform for the art of living, the trade show is a must for highlighting emerging trends and design innovation for the year ahead. The last few years have seen a steady shift towards local materials, craft, process and heritage - all of which play to Ireland's design strengths.

The variety of pieces being exhibited by the 21 Irish chosen shows just how incredibly diverse our country's creative skill set is. From everyday products that only get better with use, like this Superfolk trivet, to contemporary classics like the Strand lamp from D?anta Design (above), all the pieces are a true representation of just how much momentum Irish design is gathering at the moment - both at home and abroad.


What we love most about this event is the fact that, yes, each piece is unique and tells a story of its own - but more than this, it's the fact that as a collection, they only make each other stronger. We think this is the key to what ID2105 is all about.

For more great homegrown talent, check out the Best of Irish Design feature in our current issue.

Sheenagh Green for?@Image_Interiors

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