Instagrammable Interiors? Yes, Please!

Have you every wondered how interiors displays on Instagram look so good? Well, we've collected all the tips you need to curate your home displays like a pro in our September-October issue, out now. See inside it for tips on how to set up your display and take interiors-mag-worthy photos with your phone. Scroll down to get some inspiration for different nooks of your nest.

To help you figure out the'spots where you can create a curated display, check out the layouts of these pristine homes room by room...

Whether your style is dramatic monochrome or laidback rustic, a careful collection of only your best bathroom products and accessories makes a dramatic overall effect.

Bathroom Curate Images:,

Dining room
Hooks are a great way to show off your cooking/dining gems and are far easier to maintain on a daily basis than a bar for tea towels and aprons. Be sure not to overcrowd the wall and keep it to a minimum, like what's pictured here. The?Japanese-style table set-up is a great example of how to create a well-thought-out setting with an aesthetic whole.

Curate Dining A

The kitchen is oftentimes a mountain of clutter and difficult to keep pared back. These images, however, would entice you to keep to a small and perfectly formed cookspace?collection. We love the use of the bamboo bar to hang dried herbs, ladles and other accessories??handy and difficult to clutter.

Kitchen Curate Images:, Walker Zanger

Your desk is a key?place to keep organised,?thus?encouraging?a clean mind for creative thinking.

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Sitting room
If the entire'sitting room is too difficult to curate, why not try a bookshelf, sideboard or coffee table? You never know: you might get hooked.

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Housing an eye-catching display of the bare necessities by your bedside will do wonders for your mood first thing - and for any budding fashion blogger having an Instagrammable wardrobe would be the icing on the cake.

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Don't forget to pick up our brand-new?issue for for 11 great tips on how to create a curated display and the best ways to photograph your creation. Get snapping and tag us on Instagram (@image_interiors) to show off your designs!

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