Far from mediocre, bamboo is back and here are our faves for every room

First recorded in China over 7,000 years ago, bamboo has been around as a building material for aeons, but it's having a serious moment right now.

For a long time, bamboo has been overlooked and misjudged as a cheap, mediocre material, relegated to your grandmother's conservatory furniture and bad Asian restaurants.  

Recently, however, bamboo is having something of a renaissance. And it seems like it's here to stay.

This diverse and strong material works for furniture, flooring, decorative accessories. Three times harder than oak and just as long-lasting, did you know that bamboo matures fully within 60 days? It requires no fertiliser, herbicides or pesticides and to grow, in fact, it can be a bit of a pest if left to itself. However, it does make it a sustainable resource. gobbling up greenhouse gases as it grows, it’s good for your home, the environment and your skin. What's not to like?


The Bathroom

Bathroom design should be based on utility and simplicity. Unlike other timbers, bamboo won't swell or warp making it ideal for damp areas like the bathroom, which can be a difficult place to add texture to.

Bamboo Roma Drying Frame, €39.95, Meadows & Byrne


Bamboo slatted shower mat, €65, Trouva


Oval bamboo mirror, €60, Amara

The Bedroom

From decorative pieces to home furnishings and beauty products, the soft and smooth texture of bamboo looks great in the bedroom. It is perfect for adding contrasting textures to your interior or even as a constant theme. We're particularly smitten with the idea of this bench at the foot of your bed. 

Clara Rattan Couch, €1050.00, Abigail Ahern


Nara side table, €215, Abigail Ahern

Woven plant hanger €11.06, ASOS supply

Hallway stool shoe storage, €129, Meadows & Byrne

The Living Room


Remember I mentioned your grandmother's conservatory furniture? Well, that is back with a bang too, as bamboo furniture is full of texture and warmth to the touch, it makes the perfect chair material. Maybe just avoid the blousy floral seat covers.

Mastholden armchair, €110, Ikea

Jungle Bamboo shelf, €469.00, Woo design 

Palm Leaf & Bamboo Wall Decoration - Large, £49.00, Rose and Grey


Terrain bamboo stool, €145 for two, Amara

The Dining Room

Whether you're cooking or eating, bamboo can make a nice alternative to plastic and has become a popular alternative in children's dinnerware as it does not release any of the nasty VOCs associated with its plastic counterparts. Now, it's here for your straws too, replacing plastic ones which have had a hugely detrimental effect on the environment, particularly ocean wildlife.

Zuperzozial bamboo biodegradable straws set, €16.59,  ASOS


Cutlery, €7.95, Article

Bamboo and metal candlestick, €20, Zara Home


This ancient plant brings warmth, light and texture to your home. Did you know that in Chinese culture a gift of lucky bamboo symbolises the wish for a strong life filled with prosperity? So it makes for an excellent gift for you or a friend.

Featured image:  Ikea's Mastholmen outdoor collection.


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