Is Yellow The New Pink?

I've devoted a lot of words this year to deciphering how to make bubble gum pink look anything other than nauseating, but now it seems there's another tricky colour on the block - yellow. The citrus shade has a remarkably strong presence in this year's AW collections and the street style crowd have wasted no time in making this giddy confectionary shade their own. If you're thinking of braving a burst of lemon this year, here's some inspiration from the FROW.

Reimagining a utilitarian trench coat or rain jacket in an unexpected primary colour like yellow looks utterly modern. What I love about the look below is that there's nothing prissy or prim about it (yellow does have some unfortunate child-like, rubber-ducky associations). This look is punchy, graphic and very fresh.

A slogan T-shirt has a touch of defiance and rock 'n' roll about it, so choosing one in yellow is unexpected and eye-catching. Again, it goes against the traditionally girlish image of this sunshine shade. Plus, pairing it with sexy red patent leather boots toughens up the look further.

I love the simplicity of this outfit. Clean lines and masculine cuts act as the perfect counterpoint to these?buttercup coloured pants.


If you're going to wear?a yellow floral-print dress, choosing a piece anchored by a dark colourway, such as black, is a great way of adding a more grown-up feel to your look. This dress has depth and although the blooms are oversized and in primary colours, they don't overwhelm the wearer.

Take a tentative step toward incorporating yellow into your wardrobe by choosing a piece with a lemony trim, such as the Prada skirt below. The feathered texture of the trim really makes it stand out, while adding it to a vibrant red-print skirt makes both colours sing. This is such a chic solution to the "How to wear yellow?" dilemma.

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