The New Style Rules For Irish Women

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Stylist and blogger Lorna Weightman'takes to the streets of Dublin with West Coast Cooler to suss out how Irish women are dressing in 2015. When it comes to city style, what are Irish?gals embracing? What's hot this autumn? We go a-strolling to see what's on the up and to talk holiday memories as the chillier months truly creeps up on us. *Waves goodbye to summer as a single tear falls down our cheek*?

Forget A Sensible Wool Coat, The Leather Jacket Is The Ultimate Investment

In our grandmother's day, a good coat was something which saw you through many an Irish winter. This compulsion for boucl? tweed, impeccable lining and good quality wool has survived many a generation, so much so that we subconsciously nod in agreement when we're within 10 metres of what our mother would declare is a good cut. However, nowadays in a world of fast fashion, good looking insulation isn't the impossible quest it once was. While most Irish women can count a couple of coats to their names, the new hero item is the leather coat. Casual, going out, work, weekender - the opportunities are endless, as are the pairing possibilities.


Holly White, 32, Stylist and blogger at


Style inspiration: Laura Whitmore

Memory: ?A yoga retreat near the Cliffs of Moher with two of my friends over Easter for a proper catch up.?

Embrace Your Opaques

We're a blustery island on the edge of Europe. We're at one with the Atlantic Ocean, a grey mass of water not?exactly celebrated for its balmy shallow depths. If the weather is verging on Irish, wear your tights with pride. All those bare legged champions who tell you to drag the chilled skin into October? Stop pretending this is New York.


Jeannine Healy, 26, Fashion Supervisor at Oasis

Style inspiration: Olivia Palermo


Memory: ?I was in Rome with my best friend and we went to a restaurant near our hotel. We went to see a comedian there. We were the only people who spoke English, and it seemed that the comedian was making fun of us, as everyone kept looking at us. We left quietly when there was a break!?

Make Saturdays Work For You

Monday to Friday can be meh. A parade of navy and sensible layers. But a work uniform makes sense. It saves you an extra ten minutes of morning stress as you scramble through drawers for something resembling promotable sanity. However, when it comes to brunching Saturdays, let your hair down. Let your outfits speak louder. If Friday night drinks went a little bit too well, blue jeans, a vest and a flannel shirt is a-okay for the recovery afternoon. If Sunday calls for your Mass Best with none of the mass, go for it. It's the freakin' weekend, gotta have us'some this-is-the-real-me-fashion.


Jeri Mahon, 24, Marketing Manager

Style Inspiration: Blake Lively

Memory: ?With my best friends at the castle overlooking Malaga.?


Looking For Notice Is Okay When It Comes To Clothes

Our favourite Bitter Aunt Insult is "She's always looking for notice." We're not too sure what it means, but we know Mary sees it as beyond the pale. While we're terrified to disagree with older relatives, we have to make a case for standing out when it comes to dressing. Bright colours have bright associations. Yellow can press a multitude of creative buttons and encourage sociability. Red means passion, and popular cereals. Bright green symbolises hope.


Jessika Banaghan, 22, Event Management Student

Style Icon: Her aunt, Mandy Maher, and Kendall Jenner

Memory: ?When I finished my Leaving Certificate, I went to T in The Park in Edinburgh, as an alternative LC holiday.?

Feminine Does Not Mean Flouncy


When one thinks of Jackie O, the actual 1960s fashion icon as opposed to all those series of Mad Men, images on incomparable chicness and cool capability abound. Not frumpy florals that threw a woman's body into hiding. When it comes to channeling you modern Lady Mary, stick to what works. A tweed blazer, a good shirt, and a silhouette which slays.


Grace Power, 24, Pharmacist & Member of River Dance

Style Inspiration: Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift

Memory: ?Riding elephants bare back in the Jungle in Thailand?

Accessories Speak A Thousand Complimentary Words

A lot of networking experts, and the occasional dating coach, will say nothing lights?a good conversation more than a bit of peacocking. Some graphic jewellery, accessories with a message, a?quirky cape that is as un-Harry Potter as you can get - when you're comfortable in your sartorial choices, you open yourself to the curious glances of many. Walk with the smug knowledge that someone is going to stop you and ask you where you shop to make you you.



Siobh?n Lynch, 32, Singer

Style Inspiration: Iris Apfel

Memory: ?My family live in Spain, so anytime I visit it's always a happy holiday memory.?

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

Drew Barrymore once said, "If you don't take risks, you'll have a wasted soul."?While we're not equating boring clothes with lingering decades of personal doubt, we are only on this earth once. If you want to wear mom jeans on hips that are never going to budge, do it. Like the look of cropped tops? Buy a dozen. Adorn your skull with that?neon cashmere beanie you always wanted.



Sarah Kelly, 19, Junior Stylist & Student

Style Inspiration: Cher

Memory: ?I'm just back from Barcelona where I went to Tomatina; you throw tomatoes at each other. It was the best day of my life.?

Ditch Unworkable Shoes

Cankles, fallen arches - there is a misogynist conspiracy afoot to keep women in teetering heels. We're starting to say no more. And we have designers like Simone Rocha backing us up. Brogues and loafers work. Slight heels aren't just fine, they're a godsend. There's nothing wrong with sensible and comfort.


Rachel Potter, 23, Fashion Assistant


Style Inspiration: Peaches Geldof

Memory: ?In London, people watching in Camden Town.?

Make Masculine Tailoring Your Fallback

Normcore got a mature injection this year, with masculine cuts making it en masse to female market. A failsafe wardrobe simply cannot be boring when simplicity looks this well crafted. A good coat, a timeless cut, blue jeans? The Ideal Look.


Avril Crowley, 31, Property Manager

Style inspiration: Tilda Swinton


Memory: ?Driving across the US with my friends in 2007.?

Images and interviews: Lorna Weightman

Remaining copy: Jeanne Sutton

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