Scientific Reasons To Wear Black

Never mind orange, black is the new black, and it's not new, it's just unwaveringly popular. If we had our way, we'd wear something black every day, though sometimes we try to lighten things up, especially in summer. As with all colours, there's a great deal of psychology behind what you wear, and how others will perceive you, based on your colour palette.

A new study confirms why black is best and the research only confirms what we already know to be true. In a survey conducted by a British retailer, involving 1000 people, the participants were asked to associate certain personality traits with certain colours. Unsurprisingly, black topped the polls when it came to a whole range of positive traits. From confidence to sexiness and intelligence, black is something your wardrobe should have plenty of, and whether you wear it on a first date, as part of your killer interview ensemble or as your go-to dress down Friday hue, you can never go wrong in black. It complements every skin tone, it's the most slimming of all colours you can wear, and as far as we're concerned, the only drawback to wearing black is on those rare occasions when it's blisteringly hot and your clothes absorb the heat.

Other findings within 'Buy T-Shirts Online's study showed that red was also associated with attractiveness. However, unlike black that was considered in only positive ways, red was also associated with arrogance and a lack of intelligence. How the colour of your top can indicate your IQ, we'll never know, but lest we forget, dear readers, these studies are always gospel.


Here's a selection of some black items on our radar this season.

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