My Search For My First Floral Dress

I rarely wear dresses and I never wear floral dresses. I'm more of a block colour, tailored lines type of girl. Even though I love Erdem, I will, in fact, be buying into his Erdem x H&M menswear pieces come November 2 rather than the womenswear. The latter is too whimsical and elaborate for me. I'd feel like I was in costume, playing at being someone other than myself.

But yet, there's a floral dress from H&M's mainline collection that I only stopped obsessing over when my friend arrived to meet me wearing it two days ago. I missed my opportunity with that dress, but seeing said friend look so understatedly chic (despite the fact that it's a midi-length, long-sleeved piece that could easily overwhelm) and modern in it has only intensified the search for my first floral dress.

Perhaps it's this season's super cool and totally un-boho-like sock boot that makes a floral dress feel like something completely other than its traditional boho associations? Or maybe it's those images of Balenciaga models stalking stern-faced down the catwalk in the boldest prints but the most modern silhouettes? Either way, I feel the lack of a floral dress has created a gaping hole in my wardrobe that needs to be filled. These are three I'm considering now, but I can't tell you which one I'm leaning towards... just in case you go and buy it first.

Another H&M dress, this one appeals to me probably because it reminds me a little of Erdem's mainline collection with its lush green colour and botanical print. I think for this dress not to overwhelm it needs to fit perfectly.


Viscose dress, €59.99 at H&M

This straight-cut Zara dress with graphic print is a little more in the style of what I'm used to with its unfussy silhouette. There's nothing frivolous or frothy about the cut or the print so it's a less traditional way of wearing florals.

Rubberised dress with short sleeves, €29.95 at Zara

London label Rixo is the hottest place to buy a print dress right now. This blossom tree print black and orange midi dress makes a big statement. But again if the fit is perfect, and because this piece is pure silk, it should drape beautifully and look incredibly elegant on.

Lucy dress, €340 at


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