Kim Gray's life hacks for minimalism, living with less and cutting out clutter

Modern minimalism meets cosy homeliness in Kim Gray's Dublin family home, where artful layered natural textiles and a muted palette deliver a back to basics style that’s fabulously feel-good, writes Suzie Coen in the Volume 1 (Jan/Feb) 2020 issue of IMAGE magazine. Here, Kim Gray shares her life hacks. 

To me, minimalism is not about owning one sofa. It’s about cutting out what’s not important (the clutter); it’s allowing flow and space for what matters to make your day more seamless and less stressful. I prefer the sense of calm that a neutral home provides.

My motto is “make the mundane beautiful”. I try to look at the mundane household chores in line with the bigger picture of wanting my life to be zen. You can transform simple tasks by doing them with a beautiful object. I swapped out plastic brooms, dusters and buckets for sustainable wood, galvanised enamel or bamboo materials.

Realistically, living a sustainable life can be hard, especially with kids. I feel sick at all the nappies and wet wipes we waste, but I think one can only do the best in your situation. I’m trying really hard to be as plastic-free as possible. When it comes to my kids, I love bamboo dinnerware (Ekobo is my favourite) and wooden toys as far as possible. After meals, I’ll use a face cloth rather than wipes, and with the triplets we’ll obviously reuse Harry’s old toys and clothes. I try to buy loose vegetables, and cut down on things like handwash and shampoo bottles and use a basic bar of soap or shampoo bar. And I feel like I’m constantly shouting for everyone to turn off the lights!


It can be intimidating and expensive to eco-proof your home overnight, but it’s as simple as every time that something needs replacing, like your toothbrush or laundry liquid, to think of swapping it out for an Eco Egg or bamboo toothbrush. Reuzi is one of my go-to eco stores! Be conscious, but don’t live with the guilt of not being perfect.


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My aim with my Instagram feed (@kimgraylifestyle) is to inform and inspire and to document as I learn/navigate my way through parenthood and a consciously sustainable life. I try to live efficiently and positively, but I also share my struggles as a mum of four; keeping on top of mental health, diet and general health and trying to raise good, thoughtful little humans.

Photography by Isabella Coyle. 

This article originally appeared in Volume 1 (January/February) 2020 issue of IMAGE Magazine. 

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