Five places to buy jewellery that doesn't turn your skin green

As Austin Powers' nemesis Goldmember once said in his thick, inimitable Dutch accent, "I looooove gold".

However, I'm not made of money, so what I don't love is the inevitable tell-tale green marks left behind from high street trinkets. I'll let you in on a little secret; that gold medallion or anklet you picked up for less than €15? My friend, it's not really gold. Rather, it's most likely copper disguised to look like the real deal. Ergo, whatever cheap metal it is, it will tend to react with either your skin or the product on your skin (like body lotion or hand cream). As it oxidises, it causes a discolouration of the skin and while a green mark on your finger or neck isn't harmful per se, it's not cute either.

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Step away from the bargain basket. Save your pennies and opt for a better return on your investment with one of these offerings instead.



The Spanish retailer's Gold Collection is a dream for those more inclined towards minimalist signature pieces. The limited edition range, with prices starting at a very reasonable €25.99, has a neatly curated edit of hoops, rings and pendants that will retain their gold hue long after purchase. (Word to the wise: still take them off while showering/swimming so they keep their colour.)

Stone Seal Ring, €25.99 from



Etsy, eBay, flea markets, charity shops — the world of pre-loved items is a treasure trove of affordable, bona fide gold bling waiting to be discovered.

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This fledgeling five-year-old jewellery brand is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy; an epic, 14th-century Italian poem by Dante Alighieri. Expect unusual, textured gold-plated earrings, medallions and body chains starting at around the €200 mark.

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Daphine's famous Oli ring has certainly earned its social media star status by now — if you haven't already spied this orb-like ring on Instagram, we'd be very surprised. The beloved London-based brand also creates delicate bangles, necklaces and earrings to stack to your heart's content.

Moune Bangles, €90 from



Laura Lombardi

New York's cool girls (not to mention the likes of Emily Ratajkowski) turn to this trusted Brooklyn-based designer for her brass-plated hoop earrings. Her chunky 'Luna' ring is fast becoming a cult favourite too.

Luna Gold-Tone Ring by Laura Lombardi, €58 from 


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