How To Wear Head-To-Toe Yellow IRL

Because we're not all Gigi Hadid...we don't know how to wear head-to-toe yellow

I've always had a wardrobe that represents my personality: bright and colourful but a little intoxicating and borderline obnoxious.

There is pink, blue, green, teal, cream, fawn, lavender, rose, beige, navy, silver, gold, black, red, white; each expertly* organised and categorised in their own space within the confines of my wardrobe.

**thrown in a pile together in the back vortex of the wardrobe/floordrobe


However, there was, up until very recently, no yellow: not a hint of canary or lemon in sight. In truth, it's difficult wearing bright colours - especially ones that normally require?UV?protection to look at - in a city that's accustomed to wearing dark colours for the majority of the year.

It's not that I don't like the colour yellow, but in reality, the colour CAN be far from flattering when you're a pasty shade of blue-white. But yellow is having a moment and, dare I repeat the words of Image Fashion Director Marie Kelly, is yellow the new pink?

If you're not yet ready to fully commit to head-to-toe yellow, why not colour-block? I love this soft yellow "Honey" top from BrandyMelville. The pastel shade teams perfectly with almost any colour!

That's the thing with trends, though. One day you're wearing blue gingham and all-over pink, and then yellow. They sneak up on you, or so it seems. In reality, it's a carefully orchestrated and strategic plan undertaken by the fash industries heavy-hitters, designers, and buyers. Anywho, add some brightness to this very dull day and inject some yellow into your?wardrobe like a pro. Here's how:

Go back to basics



Not fully ready to commit to the yellow brigade? Start with the basics: the jumper, the trainer, the t-shirt. You'll get the biggest impact for less $$$, and it's a good sartorial test to see whether or not yellow is for you.

Try outerwear

I'm still holding onto the fact that it's summer, despite the rain and my goosebumps. However, if you're ready to dust off your coat, why not reinvent your winter wardrobe with a striking number like this? You won't be missed in the dark, anyway.

Do trousers


There are few things in life that are better than perfectly fitting, comfortable power pants. If you're ready to dive into the yellow trend then investing in a wardrobe staple like trousers is a perfect investment because it will carry your wardrobe through the season (think of all the top/bottom combos!). Extra points for yellow velvet trousers.

Try yellow accents

If in doubt, yellow Prada feather.

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