Five trends to try as demonstrated by the fashion pack at LFW

There is an 'anything goes' atmosphere throughout London town as editors, designers, buyers and press flock to and from the show spaces this week for Fashion Week.  London is always seen as a more-is-more event and photographers world-round wait in anticipation for the fun to turn the corner. This year's batch of outfits, so far, is no different. From ruched waterfall mini-dresses and coordinated colour-blocking to structured blazers, a rainbow of colour and London's love-affair with white shoes, it has been an exciting weekend for street style – and it's only just the beginning. Stay tuned over the coming days for updated sartorial heaven from the streets.

Zesty lime and powder blue shouldn't work but it does

This coming winter season is getting a vibrant refit, and the smorgasbord of grey that we're normally accustomed to for colder months is being replaced by zesty make-your-mouth-water yellow and lime tones that evoke excitement and apprehension in equal measure. And it isn't just London's ostentatious fashionistas trying out this eye-popping trend: designers Ashley Williams, Nicopanda and Jamie Wei Huang, to name a few, opted for flashier shades of lime green and yellow to pump up their catwalks. It's true; this vibrant trend isn't for minimalists, but with the right anchor pieces, this psychedelic trend can become accessible and elegant. Take our lady above for example: by accenting her ensemble with complementary (not matching) shades of blue and white, it takes the bitter bite out of this tangy green skirt. This is a lesson in wearing colour with attitude.

Cowgirl boots look superb with short hemlines and oversized silhouettes


The Western trend is broken up into seven easy-to-wear pieces. There's the neckerchief, belt buckle, cowboy boot, denim short, plaid shirt, studs, and, of course, leather. What's great about these elements is that they can be worn on their own, as seen above, or together for a complete Western-inspired look. What I love about the look above is that it is comfortable and fun at the same time; a dream scenario in anyone's eyes. I love how she brought this retro-fit jacket into 2018 with a waist-hugging hip belt that plays off the standout boots.

Mixing animal prints is a wonderful thing

Who says the zebra can't be friends with the tiger? Or the cow with the snake? It's time to forget what you think you know about the animal kingdom because mixing animal prints is a wonderful thing for AW18, and I'm here for it. Any type of animal print can be worn together or as stand-alone separates without raising an eyebrow this season. Everyone from Penneys and Ganni to Versace are putting their own spin on this trend, offering stylish solutions to the potential car-crash that is maximalist dressing. Dress up sleek tiger stripes further with diamonds and luxe snakeskin for dinner parties and evenings with friends. And did you know that the zebra and the dalmation were once close friends, too? That may not be true, but they look pretty great together in my wardrobe.

Boiler suits are grown-up pyjamas IRL


There's a reason why jumpsuits are selling out so fast: they're minimal and quite effortless, but they're a great one-and-done outfit. There's no faffing about the night before or stressing first thing in the morning before work; just pop on a jumpsuit and accessorise with a pair of earrings and the right shoes, and you're ready to take on the day ahead. The right jumpsuit should fit comfortably on your body - not too tight and not too loose - hug your frame nicely, but give you enough room to manoeuvre throughout the day. I'm taking cues from this sartorial hero above and buying mine one size up and pairing it with a vintage belt and just-visible bell sleeves. And I love that she clashed burgundy and hot pink because nobody does that anymore.

Complementary colours are the new and very dramatic colour-blocking

Knowing how to pair together different shades of the same colour is a fine art but this damsel, above, has aced her class. I love how her outfit is VERY orange and yet not at all lacking in nuance thanks to her attention to detail; from the diagonal line of buttons on her knitwear and the oppositely positioned belt buckle on the leather skirt to the coordinating slingback heels and handbag. I want to look at one thing but everything at the same time.

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