Dolce & Gabbana Apologise For Hurtful IVF Comments

Last Spring Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, the two designers behind Dolce & Gabbana, insulted huge swathes of the global population when they described babies born through IVF as 'synthetic?. Couples the world over felt as if they're families were being demeaned and seen as below par by the duo with celebrities such as Madonna and Elton John speaking out against their comments. Boycotts and critical comments from industry influencers followed, with reams of thinkpieces from women and men who felt their life choices were being belittled.

The comments particularly confused people, considering the designers used to be a couple and famously came out in the late 1990s. Their most recent Autumn/Winter show, during which models carried babies and toddlers down the runway, took on a weird significance.

It was a massive PR blip for a label that had reigned the fashion world with nothing but acclaim since being established in 1982. However, an apology is only coming now. The comments were made last March during a magazine interview with Panorama, with a follow-up explanation from Domenico elaborating: ?It's my private point of view. I am Sicilian, I grew up in Sicily, my family is a family company and I believe in the tradition of family.? It was only last Friday, while speaking to Vogue, when Domenico finally said sorry.

?I've done some soul-searching,? he said. ?I've talked to Stefano a lot about this. I've realized that my words were inappropriate, and I apologize. They are just kids. You don't need labels, baby labels.?

He also took some time to tell parents who opt for IVF that he regrets his words: ?I think everybody chooses for themselves. I don't know everything about IVF, but I love it when people are happy. It's like medicine. Science has been put on the table to help people.?


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