David Beckham's Second Belstaff Collection Lands

We will take any opportunity to upload photos of David Beckham to the site, so today we're rhapsodising about the god's new campaign with outdoorsy label Belstaff. Between this and H&M he has basically cornered the Well-Dressed Normal Guy Market, and we can only applaud the way he's been handling his retirement from the soccer field.

David has been collaborating with the fashion company the past while, and last year released a well-received collection, Beckham for Belstaff. His second collection with Belstaff landed in stores last Friday, and it's just as dashing. The entire collection works a vintage vibe, with timeless touches to modern silhouettes. Here's a model to give you an idea of what to push the partner towards investing in.

Think handsome aviator from the 1940s trying to find himself in a post-war world. The denim jackets also evoke a ?Yes, I own a Texan oilfield, but I'm also really sound? look. And the racing jacket - called the Stannard and pictured above - is only adding to our romantic fantasies.

Here's a video from the brand last year so you can see David in action.


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