Watch: Amazing 6 Year Old Guru Will Break Your Heart

If you were wondering who the future president of not just America but the WORLD could be, it's this little girl. Holy Moly; she's incredibly well spoken, disconcertingly profound and wise beyond her years. Here she sits down in front of her mom, who's just split from the little girl's dad, and asks her in the sweetest way to be nice, to remain friends and to stay smiling. She then goes all meta, discussing the different levels on which you could live your life and how if we all turn into monsters, every one will be eaten, and there'd only be monsters left. She wants us to be nice; she wants us to not be monsters. Though not all kids will possess the same ability to articulate their feelings at the age of six, Tiana here is testament to the beautiful innocence of kids and how all they want in their little world is for those around them to be happy.

"I think if I can be nice, then all of us can be nice too."

If this girl hasn't appeared on Ellen Degeneres' TV show yet, the producers ought to line her up.


Prepare to feel all of the feelings as this little life guru - Tiana Sherry - will quite literally break your heart. Whatever about their relationship, Tiana's parents must be incredibly proud to call her their daughter.

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