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Moira Murphy is a widely respected marketing and communications professional, with over 15 years? experience at senior and director level. A graduate of UCD and the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Moira's experience spans?Unilever,Superquinn?and the?Brown Thomas?Group.

We sat down for a quick chat with Moira...

What was the first brand you became aware of as a child?
Tayto crisps, 4p for a bag! My family had a grocery shop in the village of Kealkill, Co. Cork, so it was easy for me to fixate on my Taytos. That brand was bigger to me than any multinational label in the shop.

From Superquinn to Louis Vuitton, you've worked with the lot. Is there anything that brands have in common, regardless of their place in the market?
Successful brands have a few very essential traits in common - passion, focus, commitment to invest, and a total understanding and respect for the customer ?? no matter where they fit in the spectrum.

Of all the fashion celebrities you have met, who was the best at managing their "brand"?and why??
Well to be honest, I have never met a celebrity who was ?bad??at managing their own brand, which is probably one of the reasons they are so successful on a global stage. If I had to pick a few names, I would say Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham - both are deeply involved in their businesses and the marketing of their ranges. Diane von Furstenberg was incredibly impressive, as was Liz Hurley - I have a lovely memory of her poring over spreadsheets in between a photocall and a personal appearance in the store.


Can you tell us an Irish brand you respect and why??
If I had to pick one, it would be Butlers, the ?purveyors of happiness?! They have totally nailed the chocolate and coffee market;?they have supermarket and online presence along with their own standalone outlets. Butlers is intrinsically Irish and yet the company behaves with the confidence of an international brand. Butlers could be found on any chic street in any corner of the world.

Where part does social media play in a brand's existence??
Social media is a huge part of any brand's daily life. It's a brilliant tool to get instant, real-time customer awareness and feedback as well as the obvious promotional opportunities.?It's a great barometer check on a brand's health.

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