Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Loves Older Women and Moms

We have always loved actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and now we love him even more thanks to his hilariously brilliant new video, in which he proclaims his love for the number one woman in our lives, our mothers. He thinks all mothers out there are seriously sexy, which we think is the best thing ever. He also thinks Grandma's are "twice as hot" and randomly throws in that he "loves to eat organic." It's very weird, but we're totally into it.

Levitt has always had a musical gift and genius comic-timing (does anyone remember his epic lip-sync battle a couple of years back?) and this has never been more evident then in the video below, which is so good, we're going to let it to all the talking and singing (the first 15 seconds along are pure brilliance). So, watch it below, and enjoy:


What do you think of the video and track? If you can't get enough of the song, according to the video, it will hit iTunes on July 31st.

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