Watch: Dakota Johnson Is Amazing At Accents

It seems Jimmy Fallon's hit show has become less an opportunity to interview stars but more so a platform on which to discover said stars hidden talents. We were quite literally blown away by Ariana Grande's Britney, Christina and Celine impressions, not to mention Tom Cruise's lip-syncing abilities, but now we've learned that Fifty Shades actress Dakota Johnson can pretty much nail any accent on request. French, Australian, Bostonian - we hope the casting directors of the world are listening.

Dakota stars as Whitey Bulger's (Johnny Depp) significant other in the yet to be released Black Mass. Her character has a thick Bostonian accent, and Dakota was certain she'd get it right, for fear she'd face the wrath of the locals. "If you mess it up, they might kill you," she explains to Fallon.

Then, on cue, she launches into a smattering of accents, and it's both impressive and hilarious. Miss Johnson's a natural when it comes to comic timing, so much so, we expect to see her turn her hand to comedy once again (she had a small but funny role in The Five Year Engagement).


Check out the trailer for Black Mass below.

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