Prince George Pics Released

In a very smart move and as a thank you to the British press who were kind enough not to use paparazzi pics of Prince George, his parents Kate and Wills have decided to issue three official photos of their tot for the media's widespread use. Nawww, isn't he a cutie? We're not sure we've ever seen a kid look more like his father; if we didn't know any better, we'd have thought these were reissued snaps of Prince William himself. But maybe that's down to shorts and knee high socks which were very much the style of his father's time.

prince george

For those who like to keep up with toddler fashion, George is sporting?a white Polarn O. Pyret top and a wool Cath Kidston'vest, or as we like to call it, a Dougal jumper (Father Ted reference, hellew).

At only 1 and a half years of age, George looks set to be as tall and handsome as his Daddy. Sure enough, he's bound to break as many hearts too.


prince george


Photos: Clarence House

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