New Insta Crush: Hot Dudes Reading

This Instagram account celebrating handsome men reading literary works while on public transport is your new follow.

Thank you Jezebel for bringing the delectable Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account to our attention.

While people snapping other people unawares on public transport usually makes us feel slightly ill, we think this New York account should be let off the hook. After all, it is celebrating handsome men using public transport while reading books and newspapers in the era of emojis. It's practically a public service.

According to the Huffington Post the account is run by a group of 20- and 30-something male and female transport users, and is inspired by the fantasies one dreams up when they see a handsome man reading a good novel. Personally, you'll always have us at Margaret Atwood.

With over 200,000 followers so far, it seems the account is only going to grow and grow. It also helps that the captions are hilarious.


Here's some of the best shots.

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