Is Will & Grace Is Coming Back To TV?

Now we're not ones to fuel any rumours (well, not that many) but here is one iconic TV series revival we would love to see happen in 2017: the return of Will & Grace. The hit comedy series ran?for eight years, starring Eric McCormack and the ageless Debra Messing as best friends Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, an interior designer with Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally as Jack, Will's flamboyant?best friend and Karen, Grace's lazy assistant. It more than made a mark, having won 16 Emmy Awards and was praised for breaking down barriers for the LGBT community and bringing the topic to the forefront of popular culture. And as well as all this, it was genuinely hilarious, the character dynamic second to none with brilliant acting and writing.

We dismiss the claims (not cool, The Guardian) that coming back in 2017, the show will be outdated; we're counting on the beloved cast to aptly bring the series into modern times and give us a programme that will make us laugh as heartily as it did before.

The internet was in a tizzy amid claims that a revival and ten new episodes were officially given the go ahead by NBC and this tweet further added fuel to the fire:


But Messing revealed that talks are still underway, and that's as close to an official confirmation as we're getting for the time being. The show's comeback would be timely; 2018 would mark ten years since the show premiered and amidst all the cult TV revivals we've seen and are promised this year - Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks, we know a fresh batch of Will & Grace would make many fans quite jubilant.

Sadly, Debbie Reynolds' passing means she won't be able to play Grace's mother, Bobbi but here is a reminder of just how brilliant she was:

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