David Beckham Gets Another Tattoo About Harper

Famous dad and former footballer David Beckham got inked again in honour of his darling daughter Harper.

Who knew that when David Beckham got Instagram we'd be shedding tears of cute on a regular basis? The latest post from Victoria's husband centres around daughter Harper, as all the best ones do, and the tattoo he got in honour of his only daughter.

David is one of the tattoo world's most mainstream ambassadors and Harper did recently turned four, so it makes perfect sense for the occasional designer and full-time dad to make a permanent statement. David already had a tattoo of Harper's name on his neck, and now he has one saying ?Pretty Lady? just above it.


Ain't it cute? The perfect antidote for a rainy Irish July, David Beckham's neck with a tiny bit of normal inflammation. Here are five other times David made us awww with joy on the Harper ?gram.

The time he wore a silly hat for Harper's fourth birthday.


The time he posted this throwback photo.

The time he publicly thanked the English women's soccer team for this gift to Harper. Such good manners.


The time Harper helped Daddy recover from a hangover.

Someone is trying to make daddy feel pretty today after a heavy night

A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

The time Harper and David redefined masculinity.

Harpers not the only princess in the house A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

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