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When I was asked to be in Damson Diner's promo material I hopped on the chance. Why? This sounded like a free food situation. My boyfriend and myself were invited into the restaurant to snap us enjoying Damson's new, boozy milkshake which involves: homemade blueberry jam, Chambord raspberry liqueur and Vodka, and is served up with two straws, whipped cream and a cherry on top. It manages to be like a dessert, yet has the whollop of a great cocktail. I'm not the type who'd save room for something sweet post dinner - I'd prefer seconds of the main course, cheese or a cocktail - but this is a great alternative. It's also a steal at just €5.Damson_Diners_new_menu

While we were waiting for our picture to be taken, the waitress brought us a bowl of the most heavenly nachos (?8.50) from Damson's new, ?American-Diner-ified? menu. The tortillas were lightly salted and (generously) covered in the most delicious guacamole I've had in ages. I require guac by the bucket-load, so the heap of it was very appreciated. They were also smothered in silky sour cream, tangy salsa and cheddar cheese. Now, I'm always slightly on edge when it comes to nachos; I worry there won't be a sufficient amount of sauce (sauce is dreadfully important to me) but when I say the nachos and their accompanying toppings were generous, I'm not messin?.

Damson Diner is a perfect Valentine's location for people who want tasty food in a relaxed, buzzy setting. Go easy on those milkshakes though, I was (pleasantly) tipsy after just one.


James Kavanagh @jimarama

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