Benedict Cumberbatch for Batman?

Today on Benedict Cumberwatch, (see what we did there?) it seems the foppishly British actor has his eyes on Batman. Though after his villainous turn in the most recent Star Trek, we're hard pushed to imagine him as the goodie. That's not to say we won't sit back and enjoy Mr Cumberbatch's journey towards Batman buffness, mind.

During a Comic-Con interview just yesterday, the actor most known for reinvigorating Sherlock Holmes was asked which character he'd most like to play, to which he replied: "Batman, I guess. Yeah."

Intriguing as we find him, sounds like Benedict's no different from the rest; is there a promising male lead who wouldn't relish the opportunity to play this iconic character?

Unfortunately for Benedict, this role belongs to Ben Affleck for now. Though at first this news was greeted with mostly negative reactions, it seems as stills emerge of Batfleck on set, the tide is largely turning. In short, he looks fantastic.


Who else would you like to see in the spandex suit?

Next up for Cumberbatch is Penguins of Madagascar, alongside John Malkovich.

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