$1 Million Offered For Return Of Judy Garland's Famous Stolen Ruby Slippers

The Wizard of Oz is right up there as one of our all time favourite movies of all time (who doesn't love the incredible Judy Garland), but even we think this is maybe going a tad OTT when it comes to showing your appreciation for the iconic film.

According to Time, an anonymous donor has offered a $1 million reward for credible information leading to the pair of Judy Garland's sequined, ruby red slippers stolen from a museum in her Minnesota hometown. Yep, we're being serious. Someone actually offered that much to locate the shoes. The late actress famously wore the slippers in The Wizard of Oz. Three other pairs still exist, including one on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington but it's the stolen pair that this eager donor is eager to own.

Ruby Slippers "The Wizard of Oz" Ruby Red Slippers worn by Judy Garland in 1939 are displayed at a viewing at the Plaza Athenee in New York City. "The Wizard of Oz" Ruby Red slippers are a women's size 5.

The stolen Ruby Slippers were taken almost 10 years ago, and haven't been located since. The slippers were insured for one million. John Kelsch, executive director of the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, said the donor is from Arizona and is a ?huge fan? of Garland and the 1939 movie.


The reward offer requires the exact location of the slippers and the perpetrator's name. We wonder if such a hefty price tag would make whoever stole the shoes come forward?

Kelsch added that the stolen slippers could be worth $2 million to $3 million now. That's some price tag for a pair of shoes! We'd say it's safe enough to call this generous donor the biggest Wizard of Oz super fan ever.

Would you pay a price to own a prop from your all-time favourite film?

Via Time

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