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Winter Workouts

14th Nov 2013

So the clock goes back and you think you are off the hook workout-wise until you have to make some new year resolutions,right?? Well then you would be one of the 30% of regular exercisers who derail their workout routine in the winter months in favour of cosy nights around the fire. And with the festive season just around the corner, weight gain is almost inevitable.
Ok so the evenings are darker and colder but look at it like this; now is a great time to change up your exercise routine in order to keep warm, stay fit and look fantastic for the party season.

1.?Change Your Mindset ? The bedrock of motivation is based on setting a goal and clearly understanding how reaching that goal will make you feel.? If you can do these two things you will remain inspired regardless of the weather.

2.?Invest in Some Winter Workout Kit – Looking the part is half the battle when it comes to feeling good during your workout.? If you are planning some out-door workouts it’s important to invest in layers that you can peel off as you get warmer.? Work out kit has gotten so much more functional and fashionable so invest in some compression wear that helps to keep the blood circulating as you exercise – you almost feel like the layers are doing the work out for you!

3. Stretch Your Body Every Day – When you are cold you tense you body without evening knowing it.? The small postural muscles become even more worked as you lean towards the foetal position to stay warm.? Stretching your muscles opens up the channels and makes your body crave oxygen. Think about an animal coming out of hibernation and the first thing they do is stretch.? Do some sun salutations every day to reap the benefits.

4.?Remember That Exercise is Cumulative – you don’t need to dedicate a solid hour every day to working out to reap the benefits – fifteen minutes here and there each day will go a long way.? So get out for a walk on your lunch break, take the stairs not the lift, get off the bus a few stops early.? Any where you can sneak some extra workout time grab it and go.

5.?Take A New Class – Winter is a great time to take up a new exercise class.? When it’s cold outside group exercise is a sure way to get your body temperature up in the comfort of a toasty studio.? And with dedicated studios popping up all over the city, you are never far from a group class.? If your usual routine is intense, maybe opt for cross fit or indoor bootcamp classes.? If you love cardio then indoor cycling is a big hit right now and of course not neglecting your flexibility & core, Pilates will put a spring in your step.

By Milena Byrne, owner of Platinum Pilates