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‘Disturbingly Humanoid’: The funniest Twitter reactions to Cats the movie

by Edaein OConnell
19th Dec 2019

The embargo has lifted on the live-action remake of the classic musical and the reviews are flooding in – they are not good. Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Cats

I have written here previously about my powerful feelings of disdain towards the live-action remake of Cats.

The Hollywood head honchos did not need to do it.

However, instead of listening to the world around them, they went along and decided to ruin how I view cats forever.

A catastrophe

This could have gone either way. It might have been a masterstroke of genius by director Tom Hooper or an utter CATastrophe.

By the reactions of critics and those on Twitter, it is very much the latter.

One onlooker on Twitter said the people who created the concept of Cats in the first place need Jesus, and I have to agree. The trailer was disturbingly erotic and farfetched. The cats were the size of mice and had cat boobs. Final edits were still being made to the film 24 hours before release – but there was no Christmas miracle to be found.

Even Trump’s impeachment verdict couldn’t dampen the blow of this horrific moment in our history.

Thankfully, we have the amateur comedians of Twitter who have shone a glorious and humourous light on the film.

Here are the best takes.





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