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This week’s Aldi drop has fun garden games for all ages (including big kids)

by Lauren Heskin
22nd Jun 2020

Get everyone outdoors with Aldi’s latest drop of garden games, from giant inflatable board games to goals, bubble machines and tennis rackets.

With so much time spent loitering about the garden, pulling weeds, playing football with the dog and eating every possible meal alfresco, we’ve really maxed out our garden capacity. Or have we?

As well as a dining room and a canine exercise zone, it’s also got potential as a playroom, at least that’s what the crew at Aldi were thinking when they pulled together this week’s Special Buys drop.

Arriving this Sunday, June 28, it’s brimming with fun garden games, from blow-up Connect Four to tennis rackets and football goals. Or, if you need games for little children, there’s plenty of bubble machines and makers, as well as a large paddling pool or sandbox. And then, for the armchair sports person, they’ve got… well, you’ll see.

Here’s a look at the special buys available from Sunday, June 28.


Any parent will tell you that the key to a good bubble machine is not the bubbles themselves, but the sturdiness of the container. After too many snapped wands and cracked pots, this hardy bubble machine (€2.99) limits things for children to break or get their little hands stuck in.


Designed to fold up into a neat little carrier bag, you can pop this fibreglass-poled goal up in a few seconds in the garden, or pack the kids off to the park if they start edging too close to the windows.

Available in a large (above, €24.99) or a smaller twin pack (€24.99). They both come with stakes so it won’t get blown away, and you can also buy an inflatable football (€4.99) to ensure your windows remain safe.

Another sport for kids to practise without causing any permanent damage, these super light-weight rackets (€5.99) have a foam handle and a light ball, which means it won’t travel with too much force. It also comes with a handy hold bag for trips to the park.


Keep the outdoor children’s mess to a minimum with this handy double-shell plastic sand and water pit (€16.99). 75cm in diameter it’ll keep everything contained in one place and can become an excellent outdoor toy box when you want to make your garden a kid-free zone in the evening. Just chuck everything into it and close the lid.

This inflatable game is a large-scale version of the four-in-a-row game (€8.99) and can be played outside or quickly picked up and brought inside when the inevitable showers arrive.

Coming with 24 balls in two colours, it’ll provide hours of endless fun.


For the older children (and adults) who need a challenge, this goal (€24.99) doubles as both a sturdy game goal or for target practice. Dads are sure to get involved in this game… and probably take it over too.

Who doesn’t love giant bubbles? Mesmerise little ones and allowing you to play while sitting down, this game (€2.99) is a winner all-round.

Probably intended as a subs bench, we’re pegging this fold-up bench (€39.99) as the spectators’ area. Grab a glass of something chilled and partake in the age-old sport of armchair sportsperson for the day.

Don’t forget, everything lands in-store on Sunday, June 28.

Feature image: Alaric Sim on Unsplash

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