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This ‘Goodbye Boobs’ Party Looks Amazing

by Jeanne Sutton
20th Jan 2015

Now this is something entirely different, and we love it.

Claira Hermet is a TV and radio presenter who is facing into a double mastectomy in the coming days and decided to throw a ?goodbye boobs? party before her surgery. Best idea ever.

Claira sadly lost both her mother and sister to breast cancer and underwent gene testing which concluded that she was suspectible to developing the illness. After reflecting for the past three years, she decided to go undergo a double mastectomy?? a procedure Angelina Jolie brought to international attention in 2013 when she wrote an essay for the New York Times revealing her choice to pursue preventative surgery.

In a blog for cosmopolitan.co.uk last month Claira explained why she felt this operation was ?the right path for her:

?As the operation draws closer, and as I talk about it more and more, I feel 100% confident that this is the right thing for me. Of course I’ve had doubts and fears and of course I’ve felt confused and scared, but mostly I have felt overwhelmingly that this is the right choice for me.

I worry about the petty things, like, what are my boobs are going to look like, or if I’ll still be able to feel sexy, and then I smile. I smile because in comparison to being alive, these kinds of thoughts really aren’t a big deal. I love those thoughts. They remind me exactly why I’m doing this and how very important it is for me to share my story with other people, in the hope they too can rationalise their fears and feel empowered, in control, and confident.?

So rather than get down about it all, Claira had a party for her breasts before dacing into what she called her ?Double D-Day?. And what a party. There were invites utilising booby graphic design. Cupcakes resembled breasts. Her Instagram was a bittersweet yet positive treat. She even got a body cast made of her breasts to console her as she recovers and faces into reconstructive surgery.

This PARTY is happening tomorrow! If you know, you know! #boobs #BRCA #breastSurgery #ByeBoobs

A photo posted by missclairahermet (@missclairahermet) on Jan 7, 2015 at 12:53am PST

According to cosmopolitan.co.uk Claira has her surgery tomorrow. We’re wishing this courageous and beautiful woman the best of luck.

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