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Image / Editorial

The One World concert gave us a glimpse into our favourite celebrities’ homes

by Megan Burns
20th Apr 2020

With some huge names taking part in the One World concert in support of COVID-19 workers, we got to see inside many of their homes

Organised by the the Global Citizen movement and the World Health Organization, the One World concert saw many of our favourite artists join together to keep everyone’s spirits up, while raising funds for vaccine development and local and regional charities.

With over 8 hours of footage to dip in and out of (or watch all in one go if you’re really bored), it gave us a glimpse into many homes of big names, including Taylor Swift, Elton John and Billie Eilish. Here are some of the ones that caught our attention.

Matthew McConaughey

One World

Matthew McConaughey chose to film in what appears to be some kind of office or ‘den’ from the 90s, evidenced by both the huge printer and the fact that there appears to be shelves of physical DVDs. Maybe this is what happens when your house is so big you don’t bother throwing anything out, or maybe he’s getting into character for a film, who knows?


One World

Before anyone gets their hopes up, the notoriously secretive Beyoncé manages not to show us her actual house, but we do learn that she has a pretty gorgeous view. We don’t know however, whether this is her roof, a balcony, or perhaps just an expert-level Zoom background to keep us all guessing.

John Legend 

One World

John Legend has chosen to sing to us from what appears to be his Grammy room. He can of course make the excuse that this is where his piano is, but personally I think the looming presence of my past awards would add a lot of pressure any time you go to your piano to come up with something new. Never having won a Grammy, however, I can’t say for sure, so I guess John wins this one.

Charlie Puth


One World

In contrast to some of the rather glitzy celeb homes we get a peek into, Charlie Puth hasn’t even bothered to make his bed. Whether this is an effort to signal approachability or just a sign of the lockdown ennui that’s hit us all at this point, you have to admire how little he cares about what the rest of us think.


One World

Lizzo doesn’t give away much about her home here, but she does give the impression that she’s living her best life in a leafy paradise. I don’t know what else we’d expect really from the queen of self-love.

Billie Eilish

One World

I don’t know what I expected Billie Eilish’s house to be like, but I definitely didn’t expect it to be so Housewives of Beverly Hills. I was so confused by the orchids, Georgian-style arched windows and magnolia walls that I googled Billie’s living situation, and it turns out that she still lives with her parents, which makes much more sense.

Jennifer Lopez

J Lo seems to have a pretty cool back garden from what we can see, with lit-up trees helping her performance to feel a little less DIY than some others.

Billie Joe Armstrong

The Green Day lead singer is keeping things on-brand with his slightly grungy sofa, with nothing but a few electric guitars as accessories. Very rock and roll.

Taylor Swift

One World

The BBC News called Taylor’s wallpaper ‘natty’ last night and I am personally offended for her. Not only is Taylor’s background beautiful, haven’t people heard that chintz is cool again?! Probably my favourite celebrity home of the whole 8 hours.

Lady Gaga

One World

Kudos to Lady Gaga for getting all the celebrities involved in this concert, and raising money for such an important cause. I’m very interested in her colourful floor, but also why she’s decided to cover most of it up with a rug that, objectively, does not match. You can’t see it in this shot, but she does also have a lovely exposed brick wall that she’s painted white (well, probably not personally, but it’s still cool).

Jack Johnson

One World

Sticking to his surfer-guy vibes, Jack Johnson performs for us in a setting not so formal as his living room or bedroom, but just perched on his back step.

Christine and the Queens

One World

I’m not sure what this room is exactly, it’s very devoid of things, save from two symmetrical speakers behind her, and a nice bunch of flowers. Maybe it’s a room dedicated to her singing, just a less flashy version than John Legend’s.

Stevie Wonder

One World

Does Stevie Wonder live in a castle? Those are some incredibly ornate curtains. It’s not so much the expense that doesn’t make sense to me, it’s the choice of style. I imagined him living in one of those sleek, minimalist celebrity pads, but apparently I misjudged Stevie’s love of very old-school bling.

Elton John

One World

So now we all know that Elton John has a basketball hoop. While it probably belongs to his two young children rather than him, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a good chuckle to myself imagining him trying to slam dunk.

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